The source for all your vehicle and equipment export needs.

Our Services

Commercial Vehicles

With a wide range of commercial vehicles including, but not limited to box trucks, semi-trailer trucks, dump trucks. We are experienced to help you export these vehicles for your freight or merchandise transportation needs.

Commercial Equipment

We carry and export the latest commercial equipment ranging from solar panel trailers to heavy equipment used in mining, construction and farming. Backed by experience and inventory, we can handle all your commercial equipment export needs.

Cars & Trucks

Check out our inventory of cars and trucks available for export. Ranging from collector vehicles to heavy duty trucks. We offer a seamless process from purchase to delivery of automobiles and trucks.

Automotive Parts

Trusted source of automotive parts, for your commercial vehicle, car, truck or SUV.


Let us handle all the details. We will take care of booking an order with a global freight forwarder to packing, marking, and insuring your cargo for a safe and timely delivery. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing flawless processes for our customers.

Consulting Services

Our team provides consulting services for all your export needs. The process can be convoluted to those unfamiliar with the documentation, shipping procedures and various roles involved in the movement of goods from one country to another. We can discuss all the different options and help you choose the best option for your needs.